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Mooney Aircraft Commemorative Poster.

$ 22.00

Artist Signature:

Celebrating the launch and FAA certification of the new Mooney Acclaim Ultra, Mooney Aircraft has partnered with Dwight Knowlton to create an original poster celebrating both Mooney's history of accomplishment, and their future of innovation.

This 24x36" poster depicts the new Acclaim Ultra in flight – with a nod to the Mooney Mite of the 1950's. The Fly Fast title comes from Mooney's undisputed claim as the "world's fastest certified single-engine, piston-powered aircraft". In the upper left, you'll find the recreation of three of Mooney's storied logos from decades past. And in the upper right, a crest celebrating their achievements for speed and altitude.

Printed on highest quality 100lb matte finish cover, this commemorative poster is sure to please anyone with an appreciation for aviation and is available both signed and unsigned by the artist.

Prints typically ship within 3 business days of order.