Lime Rock Historic Festival, T-shirt and Poster Combo

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Poster Description: I'm honored this year to have been selected as the Official Poster Artist for the Lime Rock Historic Festival. This years Festival honors (among others) Peter Brock and the Shelby Daytona Coupe.

I've illustrated it entering Big Bend (for those familiar with the Lime Rock circuit), and tucked in a representation of the Maserati 300S of The Little Red Racing Car for good measure.

I've decided to sign EVERY poster that ships, so if you order one, you're getting a signed poster!

T-shirt Description: As part of being the Official Poster Artist, I had the opportunity to design a shirt. I chose to explore the use of the iconic "Lime Rock" track lettering as a graphic – integrating the celebrated car this year, the Shelby Daytona Coupe. It took a few attempts at the perspective, but ultimately, I'm so happy with the design that I've chosen to make it the first shirt ever printed with my signature on it.

It's printed in red, white, blue and black with very subtle distress on a soft, premium quality indigo blend t-shirt.

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