"The Luckiest" Tee – (LIMITED) Kelly Green

$ 18.50

LIMITED RUN. Only for St. Patrick's Day.

Orders close March 7th at Midnight.

Are you felling lucky?
If you appreciate what – and who– you've got, this t-shirt is for you.

It’s not an automotive shirt, per se. It’s a shirt for celebrating life. A shirt for those of us that realize what we've got. Though if you have your favorite 911, Cobra, Camaro or perhaps even a 250 GTO waiting for you in the garage, maybe it really is an automotive shirt...

Born out of a late-night realization that even working till midnight to keep this endeavor going, I am – truly – The Luckiest.

Printed on a premium indigo combed cotton tee and marked with the Carpe Viam arrow.

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