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The Greatest Race: Hardcover

$ 21.99

The Greatest Race is a true racing adventure! It's the story of what is widely considered to be the greatest drive of all time. It's the story of Sir Stirling Moss's record-crushing win of Italy's great race – the Mille Miglia – in the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR. It's a story of daring, determination, high speed bridge jumps, and airplane overtakes. Kids of all ages will love it. Sports Car Market Magazine says "It may be too exciting for bedtime".

The Greatest Race was created in collaboration with the driver himself – Sir Stirling Moss, and you'll find a hand-written note from him printed inside the front cover.


The Greatest Race is a 2016 American Graphic Design Award winner. It is independently published and Printed in USA on domestically sourced paper.