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Bespoke Gifts & Awards

While the word "BESPOKE" has been greatly devalued in recent years – often reduced to a simple color change of a pre-made design – Dwight Knowlton’s bespoke gifts are the true definition of the word.


Dwight Knowlton Bourbon Set

Each gift or award begins with a conversation, ideas, and sketches, resulting in many hours of craft executing the selected concept. For the top trophy for the Ferrari Club of America, that resulted in building the trophy bases out of Mesquite (an extremely difficult wood to work with) for an event hosted in the southwest. For a gift for an accomplished Porsche enthusiast and collector, it was crafting a premium bluetooth speaker using OEM Porsche parts and materials like solid Mahogany for the cabinet. And repurposing a keyed ignition as the volume control.

Dwight Knowlton Porsche Speaker

Understanding of materials, and the ability to work with wood, metal, glass, leather, and more, make the possibilities of a bespoke gift crafted by Dwight virtually endless.

Dwight Knowlton Concours Trophies


Dwight Knowlton Ferrari Club of America Coppa GT Trophy 

Bespoke by Dwight Knowlton