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Fuchs "A Squealing Tire is a Happy Tire" Tee.

$ 29.00

"A squealing tire is a happy tire!" I've loved this phrase from the moment I first heard it. Finally, I've mounted it on a Fuchs wheel. I based the tire design on a period correct Michelin XWX radial, but with the added traction of the Carpe Viam motto: Seize the Road - Enjoy the Journey.

"A Squealing Tire" is printed on a soft and lightweight, premium combed cotton tee. Think more Ralph Lauren / Banana Republic – and less neighborhood car show shirt / 80 grit sandpaper.

Small: Chest 38 / Body Length 28
Medium: Chest 41 / Body Length 29
Large: Chest 44 / Body Length 30
XL: Chest 47 / Body Length 31
XXL: Chest 50 / Body Length 32