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Giant 27x40" 2017 Wall Poster Calendar

$ 13.50

Hand signed – printed in USA on premium 10pt heavyweight matte cardstock.

Every year since I started Carpe Viam, I have wanted to do this. To create a vintage style LARGE poster print full of dynamic, retro automotive motion and goodness – with a 12 month calendar at the bottom. Something inspired by promotional pieces of the old oil and gas companies. Something that you might have seen on the walls of a 1950's filling station.

It's my hope to make this an annual tradition. Perhaps you'll want to collect them... So for this inaugural year at least, I'm going to sign every poster that ships.

As the Porsche 356A Speedster has been my muse this year for my forthcoming book The Small Silver Speedster (and is one of my very favorite cars), I have decided to give it hero status in the first ever Carpe Viam Wall Calendar, as well. Details include a hand drawn map of the original 1957 Laguna Seca track layout indicating turn numbers, width, and distance.